Our Coffee

When we created our own blend we wanted something distinctive, something to set us apart and so we drew on all of the resources available to us and started to mix and blend, to brew and cup. What we chose in the end was an Arabica blend of Sumatran, Ethiopian and Brazilian beans.

We get one of our Brazilian beans from the Ottoni and Carvalhos Dias families in a town called Pocos and the other Brazilian bean is sourced for us by a Speciality Coffee Association in the Bahia region.

The Sumatran coffee is sourced from the North Sumatra province around lake Toba. The key to a fine Sumatra bean is working with a reliable mill locally as the field agents for the mill are the key point of contact with the local growers. We then pay a premium price for the finest selected beans. Ours is more costly but we think it’s worth it.

Up until 2009 Ethiopian growers could sell direct to export markets but in April 2010 the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange established a platform for the trade in a range of commodities including coffee and so it is no longer possible to trace a coffee bean to a particular grower or region. This process however, has led to a more consistent cup and may well lead to better prices for the growers.

We then mix the beans to our own recipe and roast them to bring you your favorite coffee drink all the way to Dawson Street.


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