About Us

When we set about opening Fixx Coffeehouse we wanted to do something special. We wanted a coffeehouse in the grand European tradition and asked Paris-based designer Elliot Barnes to help us.

Between us, we designed the concept and procured the materials for the superb finish you see in Fixx today. Elliot describes the design inspiration:

“An updated Proustian notion of recollection informs a subtle blend of materials, finishes and objects from the realm of coffee. When experienced together or individually, as when one tastes or smells a brew, they stimulate the memory of various moments in a life.”

Our inspiration was simpler. We just wanted to become THE place in Dublin for coffee.


Fixx Coffee HouseFixx Coffee HouseFixx Coffee House

Our Philosophy

Here at Fixx Coffeehouse we care about what we serve you. Our sandwiches, salads and soups are freshly made in-house every day. We’re particular about ingredients – our chicken, bacon & eggs are all Irish and organic. Our meats are supplied by John Downey butchers of Terenure. Our vegetables, supplied by Smyths, are Irish-grown whenever possible. Our Ortiz tuna is line-caught and all our cheeses are artisan-produced.

We prefer to use artisan bakers – for example our granary bread and bagels are delivered fresh every morning from The Bretzel bakery. Our cakes and treats are handmade by Sweet Things, Terri Cookie, Opera and The Sugar Loaf Bakery. We bake our own fresh croissants in the Coffeehouse every morning.

Wild Orchard in Limerick supplies us with juices and our water is bottled in Mayo by Fíor Uisce. We could source cheaper produce but we don’t think it’s worth it. When you taste the result, we think you will agree.